Spelling Board Animals
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Spelling Board Animals


Spelling Board Animals is the second part of a series of spelling apps with a focus on spelling animal words. Unlike other spelling apps Spelling Board ensures your kid will learn how to spell by putting letters together, in the right order. It works by showing a picture of the item to spell, and your kid will have to move magnet letters into the spelling area in the correct order. Once the word is correct, they will be rewarded with a short celebration consisting of balloons, clapping, and some words of encouragement. This app will keep your kid(s) entertained and learning for hours.


This app is intended for all kids that are learning and/or love spelling. There are a wide range of words with varying degrees of difficulty, which keeps a large range of young ones interested and learning.


- Large variety of words
- Unique/Awesome graphics
- Unique/Awesome audio
- Intuitive/Unique design
- Educational discounts available
- Most importantly - requires true learning of the words