We offer a wide range of options when it comes to mobile application development. While each project is special and can have it's own requirements, we have attempted to break them up into a few categories. Keep in mind, these are "ballpark" prices. Once we receive a request, we can give a more detailed quote.  
One and Done:
  This application is developed and released to the app store under your name/company. We will step you through the process of setting up a developer's account, and provide you with all the information you will need to watch the money roll in, once your app is in the store. This kind of application is a "local only" app, in other words, it will have no interaction with any server that will require periodic updating. This style application will cost approximately $600 to build, this includes the initial developers $100 fee. New/Additional requirements may have addtional associated costs. If you have a simple/good idea, this is an easy easy investment to make.  
Advertising App:
  If you would like to build an application, such as a fan app, or news reader we can help. These apps usually require periodic server-side updating. We can release the app under studio S software, or you can create your own account. This style application will cost approximately $600 to build, $200 for server space (if required) and the rest of the cost will be based on the amount of updating that is required.  
Sell us your idea:
  That's right, have an idea that you don't think you will ever do anything with. Sell it to us. Contact us to present your idea, and we could offer to develop it for you or pay you money for your idea. It's basically free money.  
  Submit your request  
  If you don't see an option that appeals to you, contact us with what you have in mind.